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Travel to colorful, intriguing,exotic

      Puglia, where time seems to pass  more slowly, giving residents

and visitors alike, the opportunity to

absorb every rich detail of life. 

Located in the heel of Italy’s boot

and bathed in warm sunshine nearly

year-round, Puglia boasts the rustic

tranquility of the Italian countryside

nestled in the mountains, and a

gorgeous coastline bathed by two

crystal blue seas, the Adriatic and

the Ionian.

Behold the natural beauty of stark rocks meeting clean beaches lapped by crystal-clear water; gigantic olive trees spiraling up from dark red soil fringed by vivid wildflowers;

and fragrant pine forests opening onto chalk-white sands.

Experience the cultural richness of magnificent architecture, unique foods, and a vibrant atmosphere of Puglia that bear witness to the influences of Norman, Spanish, Turk, Swabian and Greek invaders of centuries past. 


So, be it the ancient history that lingers in the crumbling stone trulli of Alberobello, the

Baroque churches of Lecce, the majestic fortress Castel del Monte, the intrigue of 15th-century convents surrounded by olive groves, the serenity of breath-taking natural beauty, or the food, the wine, and the relaxed pace of life, Puglia travel exceeds your average vacation experience.       

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