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Fun & Adventure


BARI​ in the region of PUGLIA (APULIA)

  • WALKING TOUR through the ancient alleys of BARI, visiting the “Basilica of St. Nicholas,” one of the most remarkable examples of Romanesque architecture, the exterior of the “Swabian Castle” built in Norman times, and the local Fish Market.

  • At the heart of the historic center called “Bari Vecchia” (Old Bari), we EXPERIENCE the making of the Apulian “orecchiette,” a good food of which its essence is enclosed in a small-form pasta that is a true symbol of “pugliesità.”

  • We enjoy a Lunch in a typical ristorante. It is time to taste some handmade orecchiette in a traditional authentic meal.

Day 01 Bari-FlorenceOfSouthMarket-01.jpg
Day 01 Bari-ApulianOrecchiette-02.jpg


  • We join a BUS TOUR to have the key sights historic LECCE explained to us. Southern Italians have long appreciated this remarkable architectural confection and glorious profusion of Baroque mansions and churches intricately sculpted from the soft sandstone found locally.

  • We VISIT a pastry shop to sample the traditional pastry, a sweet custard treat called Pasticciotto. When it comes to food, the Apulia region is one of the most famous for Italian cuisine, so you can’t miss the pleasure of the well-known Pasticciotto.

  • OTRANTO, an historic seaside town and port on the picture-perfect blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Typical lunch out ... Lighthouse is located on Capo d'Otranto ... most easterly point in the Province of Italy.


  • We travel to the town of GALLIPOLI, an important Greek colony in the Middle Ages. Lunch in a popular fishing restaurant, we TRAVEL to “Grotte Zinzulusa,” located in the very bottom of Italy’s boot, for a fun boating excursion. 
    • A majestic sheer sea cliff near CASTRO welcomes us to Zinzulusa Cave, one of Salento’s most impressive karstic phenomena.  The cave, which branches out in several different directions, owes its name to the popular imagination - its many stalactites and stalagmites look like limp rags, which are called "Zinzuli" in the local Salento dialect.


  • We DRIVE to nearby Basilicata region and the town of MATERA. Even for Italians, Basilicata is off the beaten track and little known, despite being portrayed as Biblical Palestine in countless film epics.
  • Matera is a fabulous troglodyte town of prehistoric grottoes, cave tabernacles, abandoned hovels and Renaissance houses, all excavated into the luminous limestone tufa. The rock-cut cave dwellings known as the Sassi, date back to Byzantine times


  • Our visit takes you to the town of ALBEROBELLO, famous for its district of Trulli, spread over the hillside to the south of the town. These square structures have conical roofs covered with “Chiancarelle,” grey-limestone roof slabs, and are crowned by differently shaped pinnacles, each with a magical significance.

    • We will WANDER the streets of the quaint town of ALBEROBELLO and through an 18th century small Trullo house, giving something of the atmosphere of trullo life, with sweet, rounded rooms that include a re-created bakery, bedroom and kitchen.

    • Lunch and VISIT of “Agriturismo Aglio Piccolo” in the town of NOCI.  We TOUR an Apulian farmhouse, known in Puglia as "masseria", and DISCOVER the cheese factory offering samples of farm-fresh burrata, mozzarella and ricotta cheeses. 
Day 01 Lecce-Historical-02.jpg


  • We STROLL through the narrow alleys and steep stairways of picturesque OSTUNI, a town which shines like a pearly white tiara, extending across three hills with the magnificent gem of a late-Gothic 15th century cathedral.

    • Lunch at a local restaurantSavor the local flavors!

    • Perhaps there is the possibility to visit historical city of MONOPOLI by night.


Wide horizons, bold colors, sometimes harsh and a bit lunar. Such is the landscape of the Murgia Valley from the Imperial Puglia, dominated by the presence of Frederick II.​

  • Morning

    • We are INVITED to an optional COOKING CLASS in the preparation of our home-hosted Lunch. This is optional.

  • Afternoon and Evening

    • We VISIT the seaside town of POLIGNANO A MARE, a town of Greek origins located on a steep rocky cliff of a deep gorge overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

    • The historic center of POLIGNANO offers all the right ingredients for a perfect day out. The tiny old town accessed by crossing “La Porta Vecchia” combines charming whitewashed streets with beautiful old churches and white beaches.

    • Dinner, Gelato, AND a walking tour by night.


We drive South-east Murgia, deep in the Itria Valley to visit one of Italy's most beautiful and unique villages. LOCOROTONDO known for its wines and for its circular structure which is now a historical center. Enjoy a walking tour and note the white prehistoric roundhouses called trulli in the midst of the city's architectural beauty.


  • We end our tour with one last breakfast in Italy followed by Transport to Bari Airport.

  • Molte Grazie and Buon Viaggio!!


Throughout the morning and afternoon, participants arrive and settle themselves in their room.

Late afternoon or early evening, the group will gather with Nico in the dining room for an official welcome followed by a wonderful Italian dinner. 


Accommodations are in ABEROBELLO

at the Masseria Torricella, S.P. Canale di Pirro 19, 70011 Alberobello  link to view

General Flow of Days

  • Most days will begin with a typical Italian breakfast at the masseria.

  • We depart for most days about 9 AM for tours and activities.

  • Days out... include touring, a pre-arranged lunch, and time for shopping and relaxing.

  • Return late afternoon around 5 each evening...

  • End your days enjoying dinner and relaxing or doing activities at the masseria. 

  • Dinners at the masseria include house wine and house beer.


We visit a local bakery in ALTAMURA for a DEMONSTRATION the making of bread, baked in an old wood-burning oven of centuries past. “Altamura Bread” is a rustic bread from the Italian province of Bari. Semolina Flour gives it a distinct texture, flavor and aroma that is unique to Italy!

  • Typical Lunch at a local farm or ristorante.

Unforgettable SPECIAL NIGHT for your final evening of the tour

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